“Regularity is good,
But punctuality
Is infinitely better.”

– Sri Chinmoy

For our best spiritual progress, punctuality is of supreme benefit.

On the face of it, punctuality appears fairly innocuous – how can simply being on time, every time, make such a difference to one’s success and progress?

All flows from love, intention and aspiration. We all live busy lives. At every moment we are faced with a multitude of potential activities and pursuits. To always be on time for any given activity requires focus, discipline and a clear prioritisation of that choice over all other options.

We need enthusiasm to meditate; we need eagerness to always be on time for our meditation. While enthusiasm is a flowing stream, eagerness is a mighty waterfall.

Punctuality protects us from the pitfalls of uncertainty and dangers of hesitation. Lack of punctuality allows an opening through which doubts, fears, worries and insecurities readily enter and take hold of us.
The unstoppable momentum of punctuality seals that opening and evicts negative propensities from our consciousness. The flow of meditation then comes much more spontaneously, and the fruits of meditation more bounteously.

Punctuality points us unequivocally in the right direction, and provides a constant, powerful impetus to our spiritual growth.

Punctuality grows from eagerness, and eagerness flows from love. When we love and treasure our spiritual life, its needs will always be uppermost in our hearts and minds. This love carries sincerity and intensity: the very qualities necessary for better and deeper meditation. Punctuality is a flower-offering of our hearts’ love. The more we love our meditation, the more wholeheartedly we give ourselves to it, the more and ever more it gives us back.

Punctuality at once follows and leads, is both cause and outcome – seed and fruit – of our increasing spiritual progress and deepening realisation.