For our spiritual progress, regularity is paramount.

Regularity activates, regulates and liberates. Regularity is the law of the material realm, and gateway to the spiritual realm. Regularity we need to enter time and space, to exist in time and space and ultimately, to transcend time and space.

Our heart beats, our lungs breathe, our steps alternate, our sun rises and sets, our seasons turn, flowers bloom and wither, our tides ebb and flow, our lives come and go, come and go.

Regularity rules and sustains all.

All light, sound, heat, all energy, thoughts and feelings, all communication pulses, waves, vibrates, radiates, flows and grows through the miracle of regularity.

Regularity is God’s executive force; the governor of Nature; the spine of creation; the engine of progress; the voice of manifestation. Regularity transforms the static into the dynamic, gives form to the formless, shape to the void. Regularity is the platform on which hope and promise stand, the soil in which inspiration and aspiration flourish, the vocabulary of the language of evolution.

Everything that is, relies on regularity, the fabric of the universe, the grace sustaining growth, the benefactor of opportunity and chariot of destiny.

Regularity frames life, and liberates potential. Through regularity, duty creates and becomes beauty. If regularity were to stop, our universe would evaporate, and we disappear.

Regularity confirms our longings and fulfils our dreams. As our unconscious physical existence relies on the regularity of our heart and breath, on regular meals and exercise, so our spiritual progress lives, breathes and flourishes through the conscious regularity of our meditation and spiritual discipline. Our daily meditation practise is food and drink for our soul. Without it, spiritually we wither and perish.

As long as ever sap rises, rain falls and stars twinkle, so regular must be our meditation.