(… continued)

When we see people in the street, strangers whom we have never met or know anything about, there are always some to whom we feel drawn, and some we would rather avoid. There is no explanation or rationale for these feelings, other than a sense of affinity.

While we are all unique, our conscious feelings and unconscious sensibilities intersect, interweave and interconnect. Like attracts like: much as a magnetic force, our inner nature inclines us naturally toward those with whom we share some unseen proclivity, some unknown connection of the heart or soul.

So it is with spiritual paths. The connection with our own spiritual Path is the deepest, surest and safest bond of any we will experience in this life. It is an affinity with our own core, our own essence, our own inmost being; an affinity deeper than love, truer than conviction and mightier than our personal will.

This bond can only be felt by our heart and claimed by our soul: it can never be analysed or grasped by our mind. The very nature of the limited and limiting mind is to divide, critique and reject. Until our mind is illumined, it will always find faults and shortcomings for that is its job, what it has programmed itself to do.

If you feel drawn to a spiritual Path, give yourself and the Path three months together. During these three months, dive in and follow this Path as wholeheartedly as you can. Follow your heart and do your best to set aside whatever your mind does not like or understand, for what is in the mind will constantly change, while the heart only grows and glows stronger and brighter.

By three months, even your mind will know…

(… to be continued)