“If you meditate on a specific divine quality, such as Light, Beauty, Peace, or Bliss in an unshaped form, or if you meditate in an abstract way on Infinity, Eternity or Immortality, then constantly you will feel an express train going forward inside you. You are meditating on Peace, Light or Bliss while the express train is constantly moving. Although your whole mind is calm, vacant and quiet, without thoughts, you will see there a movement towards your goal. Your mind is calm and quiet in the vastness of Infinity, but there is movement: a train is going endlessly toward your goal. In meditation there is a goal. You are envisioning a goal and meditation takes you there.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Because we sit in stillness, there is a common misconception that meditation is a static activity. Not so! – just as silence houses all the dreams of the world, so stillness is the starting point of every step, every journey, every ultimate triumph.

Our universe – inner and outer – lives, breathes and blossoms through rhythm and flow. Like our physical heart, our spiritual heart too has its own pulse, breath and cadence.

We meditate to make progress toward our goals; progress is born of focussed movement and nurtured growth. The enemy of progress is inertia; the foe of meditation is inner complacency.

Imagine your concentration is an arrow, aiming and whizzing directly towards its target; when focus or intensity is lost, your arrow falls lamely to the ground. Imagine that powering your meditation is a mighty river, flowing resolutely, indomitably towards the vast ocean; you are a rocket, surging gloriously beyond earth’s gravity of thoughts and illusion into the ever-expanding sky of freedom-light.

In meditation’s deep stillness, we are the universal dynamo, heartbeat of creation, the ever-blissful cosmic dance.