In pure meditation, there is only one moment to experience: the Eternal Now. There may be many approaches, many avenues to this moment, it may have many names and attributes, yet once we are there, it can only ever be One.

When sunlight shines through a prism, we see it refracted and represented as many colours. Yet when we trace all these various colours to their source, we find just one ray of pure light. So are there a multitude of spiritual Paths, meditation techniques, theories and teachings – when we trace each to its source, when we get beyond the theory and even the practise to the actual experience, we find ourselves alone, peerless, one and complete with the inmost pure thrill of existence, universal and transcendental.

Of course if there is only one moment, the Eternal Now, we must already be in this moment. And so we are – yet we are looking the other way. We are focussed outward, from the one to the many, from creator to creation, from silence to sound, from the heart to the heartbeat. Instead of looking at the sun, the source, we are enthralled with its myriad varied reflections in each droplet of dew on each blade of grass in each field and fairway.

The phenomena of time and space exist only here in the relative realms. They are the magician’s illusion, which work only as long as the magician has our rapt attention. As we dive deeper into our meditation, its all-encompassing light, peace and bliss distract us from the illusion; the bonds of thought and desire are loosened, and the magician himself fades into oblivion. Time and space dissolve in the Eternal Infinite.
Once we are one with the Eternal Now, the real game can start in earnest…