It is said that meditation will answer all our life’s questions and reveal to us our life’s mission.

All of us have made bad choices in life: choices that led to unnecessary suffering, choices that diminished us, denied our potential and delayed our spiritual progress.
We are constantly faced with important questions, and it would be wonderful to have a way to find the best answers in accordance with our soul’s wishes, guiding us to the best possible outcome, expediting our growth in deepening peace, revealing light, expanding love and blossoming joy.

If meditation is all about silence though, how are we supposed to ask the questions, and how to receive their answers?

Counter-intuitively, when seeking an answer from our meditation, the first thing we must strive for, is to dismiss the question from our mind. Offer the question itself, along with all of the mind’s contents, into the silence of the heart.

Then dive fully into the peace, light and bliss of your silence-heart. Envelop yourself in your ever-expanding, illumining meditation-sky, soaring free of ego, far above and beyond the confinements of finite thoughts, desires and concepts. Surrender eagerly and wholeheartedly to the flight, light and delight of your soul as your all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-fulfilling glory-reality.

Once surrendered, forget about the question, and don’t look for any answer. Wait patiently and confidently, as the baker waits for the loaf to rise or the farmer waits for the crop to germinate. Time is your servant.

The very appearance of a significant question is a sure indication that its answer awaits us. Our soul knows when we are ready, and plants the question to prepare our mind and open our heart to receive the message-answer our soul has already prepared.

So let go, meditate, and happily wait…