Meditation is the best gift anyone can ever give us – a gift we can only give, and receive, ourselves. Our meditation is also the best gift we can ever give to the world – for inside our meditation is all the treasure and answers to the world’s every longing.

The practise and discipline of meditation is the gift we must continually give to ourselves: the experience and enjoyment of meditation is the gift we must continually receive ourselves: the embodiment of meditation is the gift we automatically share continually with the world. Giving, receiving and sharing are equally indispensable.

Practise, the gift we give, is the aspiration-seed: enjoyment, the gift we receive, is the realisation-plant: transformation, the gift we share, is the manifestation-fruit we offer for the world’s nourishment.

Meditation is also the greatest bestower of gifts to us, in us and through us. Every quality we most need and yearn for in ourselves – peace, love, light, freedom, joy, gratitude, devotion, surrender – the most precious gifts any human can receive, are all nurtured, nourished, increased and strengthened though meditation. In turn, as these qualities are cultivated and grow as our meditation practise matures and deepens, their beauty and fragrance inevitably spread as gifts to all around us.

Yet for all that meditation gives, it also takes away. While meditation is blessing us with so many positive, divine qualities, its further gifts lie in what it removes from our consciousness, stealthily and steadily – everything we don’t like or wish could be improved in ourselves. All our fears, doubts, insecurities, depression, illusions, desires and attachments are uprooted; while prejudices, false beliefs, pride, anger and ego are gradually transformed through meditation.

Meditation gives us a daily fresh start; an ever-new goal; our clear mission and Path to self-discovery and God-fulfilment.