There is no limit to what meditation can achieve for us, if we practise consciously, conscientiously and consistently. Meditation is like sunlight or electricity: a latent power, available to all, which can be harnessed for an infinite variety of applications and purposes.

Through meditation we can transform our habits, attitudes, beliefs, even our personalities. We can challenge and dissipate fears, phobias and anxieties; transcend dislikes and prejudices; overcome stress; replenish enthusiasm, vibrancy and energy; expand existing capacities and develop new ones.

Meditation is so successful in every field, because it goes to the very heart of our existence, to the core of being itself. Meditation rescues and lifts our consciousness up out of the division-delusion, confusion-chaos and quandary-quagmire of the insecure, finite, time-bound mind, into the all-loving, all-knowing, all-embracing and all-becoming infinitude of the immortal soul.

If we walk in mountainous terrain in the pitch dark of night with no torchlight, we will inevitably fall off a cliff. Because our source is infinite, as long as we pretend to be limited and flirt with the finite, denying our essence and cutting ourselves adrift from truth, we are constantly perpetuating problems, dancing with disaster and courting catastrophe.

Meditation opens within us our reality, and the reality of everyone and everything of our universe. The dense darkness of night surrenders to the blazing light of day. Questions no longer arise when the answers are self-evident before and within us. Problems are not so much solved as dissolved: like disappearing wisps of cloud, they simply no longer exist.

In the depths of eternal silence, everything already breathes; all is done, all accomplished. So whatever our purpose, whatever our mission, whatever our goal, it can, must and will be discovered, revealed and fulfilled in and through our ever-blossoming meditation-heart.