If a person standing behind a pole, shows only their right hand and left foot from opposite sides of the pole, we clearly see that the hand and foot are different and separate objects. Yet remove the pole, and we see they are of one person. Our mind is that pole, predisposing us always to perceive separate and opposing parts, and never the whole.

A larger perspective always reveals a larger reality, a more complete picture, a fuller, greater oneness. To perceive the whole, we must remove the pole – in our case, our minds’ limited and limiting view.

The surest escape route from our mind’s prison cell, is to fly on meditation-wings into the boundless sky of our heart. From this elevated perspective we are afforded the fullest, unimpeded realisation of reality.

Our spiritual heart is our centre of harmony, love, compassion, light, wisdom, joy and oneness with the divine. Infinite itself, the heart knows, claims and becomes the infinite reality by the identification of oneness. To the heart of all-embracing love, all secrets are revealed. Within the heart’s ever-transcending heights and depths, the unknown and even the unknowable ever bloom and blossom.

Opposites and conflict only flourish within the bounds of the finite mind. In our heart’s realms of the infinite, in our unhorizoned meditation, contradictions are resolved and conflict evaporates.

The heart embraces north and south, left and right, male and female, light and dark, creation and dissolution, sound and silence as integral, equal and indispensable partners in the cosmic dance.

While in the mind’s domain, polarisation is the pinnacle of division, in the heart’s realm, polarity is the exquisite expression of unity in multiplicity.

The earth literally revolves on the axis of its poles: ‘tis the dance of our opposites makes us whole.