(… continued)

Spiritual writings can be read again and again. As we absorb their wisdom, our inner understanding blossoms like a flower and we become more receptive to ever-deeper insights. The same book, poem or passage can be read a hundred times over the course of years, each repetition yielding a new and deeper treasure of beauty, truth and delight. Each reading opens a new doorway into our hearts, each doorway an opening to fresh light from a future reading.

Spiritual writings show the true significance, beauty and power of words as revealed truth. Throughout history, spiritual light has been imparted from Master to disciple primarily in silence, and next through the spoken or chanted word. The Vedas, the world’s oldest known writings, are transcriptions of the Sanskrit mantras and chants through which these seers revealed and imparted their spiritual realisations. As the Vedas originated in the enunciated word of mantra, a truth echoed by the Bible – “In the beginning was the Word” – so all spiritual writings, as living, resonant truth, are best spoken, chanted or sung aloud. Spoken or intoned words vibrate in our physical frame, even as their meaning activates our mind, their beauty resonates in our heart and their truth thrills our soul.

Spiritual writings initiate our inner awakening, activate our inner awareness, tutor and partner us in the steps and cadence of our inner life’s dance. They summon from within, all the qualities needed for the journey – hope, promise, consolation, courage, determination, wonder, faith, patience, devotion, reverence, sweetness, humility and happiness, conveying ways of seeing, feeling and being that resonate in our own depths and convey a thrill of recognition of our own inmost self.

Spiritual writings take us home and reveal ourselves to ourselves: words that transport us to realms beyond words.