To meditate, we need inspiration and aspiration. One of the easiest, most reliable and rewarding ways to awaken, nurture and intensify both our inspiration and aspiration, is to read spiritual writings, especially the works of spiritual Masters.

Most of what we read feeds our mind with information (or misinformation), or stirs our vital with emotion. The writings of spiritual Masters nourish our whole being with illumination, for they are not theories, fantasies or opinions, but revelations of reality. They do not describe a fruit; they are the fruit.

Because Truth is our very essence, our inner depths resonate when words of Truth are spoken, heard or read. Thrilling to this resonance, something within us identifies with and claims these words as our own, even feeling, “I could have written this”. In the presence of spiritual writings, a seeker will feel that he or she is rediscovering or recovering something known all along – but forgotten. We recognise ourselves. Amidst the beauty of spiritual writings, we feel connected, at home, complete. By itself, a gong is mute and still: only when struck by a mallet it becomes a miracle of wondrous reverberation. Such is the power of spiritual writing to rouse from an inert heart and unconscious life, a magical flowering of ever-transcending fulfilment.

When you find a poem, aphorism or passage that speaks to you, moves and inspires you, welcome it into your heart. Such passages become our unfailing friends, confidants, mentors, teachers and saviours – helping, guiding, reassuring, protecting and illumining our every breathing moment. What we love most, we become: taking our beloved passages to heart and intoning them soulfully, their truth, beauty and power are implanted and grow within our hearts, resonate throughout our being and blossom in our lives: we are transformed.

(to be continued…)