“When we please our soul,
Our soul blesses us
With torrential blessing-rain.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Imagine a tropical rainforest: green, dense, buzzing, pulsing, steaming and teeming with infinite intricate, parallel, interconnected leapings and twinings of one magnificent, multi-munificent life-drama.

Our earth is abundantly rich, diverse and fruitful, offering everything we need and more – as long as one essential ingredient is present: rain from above.

Without rain, earth is a dry, lifeless desert incapable of sustaining, nourishing or satisfying anything or anyone.

In the spiritual realm, rain symbolises blessings and divine grace, descending unconditionally from ‘above’. Like the earth without rain, without grace we are useless and helpless; with grace we can be anything and everything.

Like earth, we already have everything needed for a rich, nourishing and fulfilling life within us: peace, love, light and bliss in infinite measure. Just as rain must fall on the ground for seeds to germinate and flowers to bloom, so to activate these spiritual qualities and manifest them in our lives, the descent of divine grace is indispensable.

How to attract these blessings into our lives?

“A silence-flooded mind I need
To receive the Compassion-Rain
Of my Lord Supreme.”

– Sri Chinmoy

In meditation, we are the earth, crying and longing for the descent of rain from above. We have within us all the seeds of future success and progress, and all the minerals and nutrients needed to nourish and nurture our blossoming growth. As the earth yearns in helpless silence for the blessings of rain, so we, with a silent, thoughtless mind, open our hearts in prayer for the magic touch of divine grace for our completion and fulfilment.

The farmer ploughs and sows the field: we pray and meditate.

The rest is done by the grace of rain, and the rain of grace.