This is a creative visualisation exercise. Sit comfortably, with your spine straight. Focus on your breath for a while, bringing the flow under your conscious and careful control. Either close, or let your eyes rest on something simple, pure, beautiful and inspiring.

Gradually uplift your conscious awareness from your body. Feel that ‘you’ are not the body: rather you are floating above, filling the room. Just as you separated from your body, detach also from your desires and emotions, and then from all thoughts, concepts, notions and beliefs. Leave them all there in your body for now, as you float beyond and above the room, this building, your city, the whole planet…

Without a mind, thoughts, words, ideas, desires or physical needs, all you have and all you are is love; unconditional, pure, spontaneous, absolute, radiant, universal love. You are in all as every pulsing, longing, loving heart. You see and feel the entire wondrous world within you, all beautiful, all blissful, all perfection. Though floating high above, you perceive every tiniest movement and finest detail of each person, animal, plant and particle; you hear, feel and know all from within as an intricate, inter-connected, ecstatic symphony of microscopic and supra-cosmic dance. Your very core thrills with the secret, inmost, oneness-yearning heartthrob of all being. You are at once above, around and all-where within, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-flowing, all-glowing, all-fulfilling oneness-love.

The more love you feel, the more love you become; the more love you see and feel everywhere, in everything and everyone, the more you see and feel everyone and everything as love – ever deepening, ever-expanding, ever-sweetening, ever-purifying, ever-blossoming, ever-transcending and ever-perfecting oneness-love.

Your universe is a sphere of love, one, myriad and whole: only love breathes, moves, shines, smiles, initiates, completes and is, eternally is.