“I shall no more allow
To destroy the beauty
Of my flower-heart-home.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Look at the moon. Do you notice its blemishes? Or do you feel its softness, sweetness, beauty, purity and luminosity?

Our world is a projection and reflection of our own consciousness. When we are sad, the world is ugly; when we are happy, the world is beautiful. So to see and feel peace, love and joy around us, we must first find peace, love and joy in our own hearts.

The world is comprised of human beings, like you and me. We are the world. Like each of us, the world is a dynamic mixture of strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, inspiring and disheartening qualities. We see ourselves reflected in the world we perceive: if we are conflicted we see a world of conflict; while we are aggrieved we perceive injustice everywhere; when flooded with love, we feel the goodness in every heart.

Just as dwelling on the negative in ourselves increases the negative we see all around us; so focussing on the negative around us, brings forth and empowers the negative within us. This is why criticism – of others and the world in general – is such a self-harmful and destructive habit, the ultimate own-goal.

The solution? To protect yourself and the world, avoid the company of critics and eschew the easy indulgence of criticism. To achieve permanent immunity, love and focus always and only on the good, the beautiful, the inspiring.

“May my love of divinity
Take away once and for all
The breath of my world-criticism.”

– Sri Chinmoy

The lover of the moon is oblivious to its imperfections: they dissolve in its beauty. Thus, in silence, the destructive power of criticism melts in the oneness-sunshine of meditation…