“Without eagerness,
Nothing significant
Can ever be accomplished.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Babies are learning at every moment. Without using the mind.

When it comes to spiritual awareness, if we are sincere, we must accept we are babies. We know next to nothing.

This is our perfect starting point.

The moment we imagine that we know everything, or even quite a lot, or even a little, our minds close in on themselves. Just as closing the curtains of our room shuts out the light of the sun, so the more our minds close up, the less open and receptive we become to spiritual growth.

Babies have a vast amount to learn about themselves and their world, and they need to learn fast. To this end, their greatest advantage is the absence of a developed mind.
The more our mind dominates our consciousness, the further we grow from reality.

In meditation, we strive to disentangle and fly free from the mind’s endless red tape, its stifling strictures of process, categorisation and interpretation. Having become so accustomed to living, thinking and being within our mind’s prescribed walls, this new unhorizoned realm, devoid of our accustomed signposts and landmarks, is disconcertingly unfamiliar territory.

To soar in the meditation heart-sky, abandon the mind’s pretense of knowledge, ego and self-importance. The more one is spiritually advanced, the less one pretends to know. The lighter our mind’s load of baggage, the faster we travel.

The landscapes of spiritual realms cannot be known by the mind, by thinking, analysing and reasoning. Eject the mind. A baby, unimpeded by self-consciousness will gaze at you, transfixed, for minutes on end. Similarly, only by gazing into the silent Beyond with a baby’s eager wide-eyed wonder can we perceive, assimilate, grow into and gradually become our souls’ ineffable fullness.