The health, wellbeing and fitness of each part of our being – body, vital, mind, heart and soul – is crucial for its own sake, as well as for each other part and for our integral wellbeing.

The body needs good diet and exercise; the vital needs dynamic activity; the mind, concentration and focus; the heart, to love and serve.
Each works best when all levels are fully engaged. Physical exercise is most effective when powered by our vital energy, directed by our focused mind and inspired by our heart’s enthusiasm.

As the moon needs the sun to reveal its beauty; as the song needs a voice to be sung, heard and appreciated; each level of our being needs the influence of the others – and needs to offer itself to them – to be its best.
Yet what our body, vital and mind each need above all else is the love, light and guiding presence of our heart.

Our spiritual heart is the mother, mentor and champion of our body, vital and mind. The heart is the centre of harmony and perfection. Wherever the heart goes, harmony, grace, beauty and purity follow.

Meditation brings our heart to the fore – and is therefore the secret and the source, the master key that opens all doors, connects all threads, answers all questions and completes all tasks. Meditate before every activity – prior to physical exercise, musical practise, driving, gardening, cooking, studying, working, playing, sports, self-expression and self-offering of any kind. From meditation, our heart is awakened within the breath of whatever activity we are engaged in. The activity comes alive with beauty, sweetness, wonder, power, significance and fulfilment.

Our heart blossoms in our activity as our activity blossoms in our heart. The infinite embraces, sports and sings in the finite. We are complete.