The health of our various organs – heart, lungs, liver, skin – are all affected by each other, for they are interdependent parts of one whole. This same principle applies to the various sheaths of our consciousness – body, vital, mind, heart and soul ¬– which comprise our whole being. The health, vitality and fulfilment of each are essential for the wellbeing of the others, and of the whole.

Yet our mind imagines itself an independent entity, sovereign over itself and its environment – consigning thus our entire being to suffering.

Through our body, vital, mind, heart and soul we perceive, experience and express ourselves and interact with our environments. Each part of our being is our home, our instrument, our vehicle, our world, our self. Our body, vital, mind, heart and soul are each our living room, bedroom, bathroom, gym, playground, study and temple all at once, and all together as one.

Any weakness, impurity or defect in any realm of our being affects, infects and impedes the operation of all our dimensions. Thus mental tension stymies physical performance, just as physical illness unsettles emotional equilibrium.

So it is essential that we keep each in good condition, as clean, pure, fit and healthy as possible, and that we nourish, nurture and develop each part with all our care, concern and enthusiasm if we are to perceive, aspire, operate and create to our potential.

As a tree grows from the root, as our bloodstream and nervous system energise all of our organs, so the spiritual is the source of all our being. From our meditation, light, love, energy and inspiration flow like the sap of a tree to all our branches, leaves, flowers and fruits: the various levels and expressions of our consciousness and pursuits of our life, mind, vital and body.