(… continued)

“Alas, each human being
Is eager to proclaim
That he is a truth-finder
Without first being a truth-seeker!”

– Sri Chinmoy

Every model of truth, every belief system, every ideology is a wish, a phantasm, a conspiracy hatched by our minds’ uncertainties – desperately seeking the comfort and control of certainty.

Because every mind longs to feel secure in its “truth”, our minds are inclined to promote their present beliefs and disparage other models of reality as false. The more theories and conspiracies proliferate, the more polarisation and conflict spread, the further peace and happiness recede from our outer lives.

Truth is precious rare. Truth is wrapped in layers of protective silence. Words may claim they are true, but only Silence proclaims the Truth. Silence reveals Truth only to those who will eagerly embrace and utterly become silence.

In silence, the competing megaphones of this theory and that conspiracy cannot reach us, cannot affect us.

Silence has and is the Truth. Silence has conspired to reveal the Truth within us. This conspiracy of silence is called meditation.

In meditation-silence, this truth is revealed: we are not being controlled by any worldwide nefarious network, multinational conspiracy, corporation, government agency, media conglomerate, or extragalactic intelligence. We are being controlled by the weaknesses and limitations of our own minds: the fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, prejudice and resentment that comprise our precious ignorance.

To escape this control, to conquer these weaknesses, we must rise beyond the realm that nurtures them: our mind. Silence is the absence of thoughts. Starve a fire of oxygen and it expires. Starve the mind of thoughts and the conspiracies of certainty and uncertainty evaporate. Truth reigns as peace, light and bliss supreme.

Only in meditation, a conspiracy of silence, are all conspiracies silenced.