The present global mental virus pandemic has seriously sickened and weakened our entire human race.

Some mental viruses, like a common cold, are relatively harmless, and might almost be considered ‘normal.’ We are fascinated by a false belief, fixated on a fear, swayed by suspicion or duped by doubt for a while: symptoms may include confusion, sadness, resentment, self-assertion, irritability and irrational or even aggressive behaviour… after a time a resurgence of spiritual light in the form of inspiration, love, optimism, compassion, humility or joy overpowers the malady and we regain our natural wellbeing. Such a mental virus might affect us for a few minutes, hours, days or months – or it might weaken and sicken us for all our years, disabling our love, destroying our joy, depleting our potential, deleting our hopes and accelerating our demise.

Fortunately, we do not have to wait for a vaccine to cure these pervading, pernicious diseases, for we have an all-powerful immune system already within us.

Like a physical virus, the mental viruses – untruths, misbeliefs – have no life of their own, relying totally on their hosts to sustain their existence, proliferate and wreak their havoc. Outside of a host body, a virus quite soon ‘dies’ – outside of a receptive ‘host’ mind, the virus of ignorance vanishes.

A virus is most effective in weakening an already-sick or immune-compromised constitution: against a strong immune system it is largely ineffective. Likewise an impure, undisciplined and uncontrolled mind offers a fertile breeding ground for the mental viruses of falsehood, suspicion, fear, doubt, hatred, insecurity, pride and delusion: a mind calmed, focussed, disciplined and illumined by the practise of meditation is our mightiest, unfailing immune system against all the virulent viruses of the mental universe.

Meditate. Be happy. Be safe. Be well. Be calm.