In our peculiar phraseology, in our upside-down world so enthralled with negativity, it is an apt irony that to “test positive” is a most feared outcome with all manner of negative repercussions, while to “test negative” is positively desirable and cause for celebration.

It is a good practice, from time to time to pause whatever we are doing, and observe our own consciousness.

Imagine you are undergoing a diagnostic test, not for the presence of a drug or pathogen, but for something much, much deeper…

Looking into a mirror, real or imagined, take a scan of your state of being in this moment. Observe – behind and around your physical features – your thoughts, desires, emotions, aspirations, intentions, everything that you have and that you embody in this moment. What do you see? What do you feel?

In your scan, negativity appears as darkness, or shadow, while spiritual qualities glow with various colours. Love, kindness, sweetness, sympathy, purity, concern, goodwill, gratitude, happiness – each has its own inexpressibly beautiful hue and allure. As you observe your scan, the colours come alive: growing, flowing and intermingling in a wondrous vibrant dance of light, bringing an ineffable, all-pervading pure thrill of sweetness, freedom and lightness to your being…

In the time you have been observing your scan, all darkness, all shadow has gone.

A distant star appears as a tiny speck of light in a vast sea of night, yet as we approach this star it grows ever brighter, more enticing. Drawing and enfolding us into its pure radiance, we merge with this star: our self, its heart of light. The very concept of darkness is done.

As light is the cure for darkness, so the only remedy for negativity is positivity.

Scan your consciousness regularly, and always test positive for positivity!