“There are many questions
          In my mind.
My self-giving is the only real answer.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Self-giving is everything: the secret, the answer, the way, the Path, the solution, the throne and the crown, the Master and the disciple, the inception and the completion, the means and the end.

Self-giving is both the foundation and the fruition of meditation: it is the flowering of our life-tree.

What is self-giving? It is not giving away all our worldly possessions or working only on charitable deeds with no pay or hope of reward. Self-giving is living life fully and utterly, with every breath of our heart for our own highest satisfaction and fulfilment.

Self-giving is not self-sacrifice; it is self-discovery. Self-giving is not renunciation; it is expansion. Self-giving is never a loss; it is the only sure way to ever-increasing gain.

Self-giving is in thought, word, intention and action.

What do we give? Our lower, limited self; our weaknesses, limitations, fears and insecurities; our pride and ignorance; our misconceptions and prejudices; our failures and successes; our sorrows and our joys. What do we receive? Our higher, unlimited self; our ever-expanding and deepening capacities; our ever-transcending illumination, perfection and satisfaction.

Self-giving is constant creation, constant newness, constant discovery, constant growth, constant transcendence. The moment we cease our self-giving is the moment we stagnate. In stagnation we never stand still; we only sink and fall backwards. Self-giving is an unfailing antidote to all negativity – to depression, frustration, anger, confusion, jealousy, insecurity, pride. Self-giving plucks out desire by the roots; transforms addiction to wrong thoughts and bad habits; and supplants sorrow with joy.

Self-giving is its own reward, immediate and complete.

At every moment, in our thoughts, words and deeds, self-giving has to be our immediate, spontaneous, simple choice.

(… to be continued)