Everything starts, and finishes, within.

Within is our source, within is our goal.

From within we grow, as within we go.

We are within the universe, we house the universe within.

Inspiration and aspiration arise from within, and guide us within. Our Path appears from within, and leads us – within.

We meditate to hear the message from within. From within, we hear the message whispered: “Meditate.”

Within as we go, so we sow; as we sow, so we grow; as we grow, so we flow; as we flow, so we know; as we know, so we glow; as we glow, so we bestow – within…

All our outer thoughts, intentions, actions, reactions, experiences and achievements arise from within. Our entire outer lives are patterned within. The wheel of karma turns from within. Our will is forged, our destiny is mapped, our future sculpted, within.

Within, every question is answered before being asked; within, every problem is solved before being posed.

Everything we are, we are within; everything we have, we have from within.

Within is our dream, our ideal, our real – within is our hope, our promise, our fulfilment.

Within, we transcend the animal; within, we perfect the human; within, we become the divine.

Within, we constantly sing; within, we ceaselessly dance; within, we breathlessly run; within, we eternally fly.

Within is all our love, peace, light, happiness, freedom, fulfilment and all we have ever yearned and searched for.

Within, we cry for God; within, we search for God; within, we remember God; within, we discover God; within, we love God; within, we adore God; within, we worship God; within, we play with God; within, we capture God; within, we realise God.

We are the children, we are the parents, of within.

In silent meditation,

we are,

within God

– within.