“The cone of silence” is a figure of speech, denoting an imaginary area, pact or bond wherein certain knowledge is protected, never revealed, from which secrets cannot escape. For this exercise, let’s imagine this cone of silence is absolutely real – yet instead of keeping secrets inside, our cone keeps everything out. It is a cone of brilliant light, so dazzling that one simply cannot see anything beyond it. We are enveloped within our cone: beyond the cone, nothing.

Our cone is an absolute vacuum, an exclusion zone with no atmosphere wherein there physically cannot exist any sound, any vibration, any thought, notion, concept or mental formulation whatsoever. The silence is palpable, impermeable, absolute.

Practise: invoke and sit inside your cone of silence for a few minutes each day, gradually extending the time as you become comfortable and familiar with the sensation. In the beginning it is a strange and foreign feeling, because we are just not used to being in a silent mind. With time and practise, our cone becomes more and more familiar, a welcome relief and refuge. The longer we can spend inside our cone, the deeper the peace, beauty and clarity that are revealed to us from within.

Our cone of silence cleanses our mind and emotions; removes stress, confusion, fear and doubt; clarifies our mental vision; rekindles our aspiration; realigns our purpose and goals; refreshes our enthusiasm; and re-energises our determination. Our cone replenishes and nourishes all our heart’s good qualities – our love, sweetness, compassion, hope, joy, courage and eagerness – and keeps us always young.

With practise and familiarity, your cone of silence becomes your trusted and reliable friend, adviser, saviour, companion and confidant, always on call, ever ready to protect, guide, inspire and illumine you under all circumstances, any time, everywhere.