We may be inspired to attend a group meditation for what we will gain from the experience, yet just as significant is what we offer the group. Our very presence offers positive reinforcement and encouragement.

We are social beings, always communicating with one another on various levels of consciousness. Our customary communication with others is through talking, a favoured tool of our minds. When we sit together in silence, when talking is not an option, our minds are disarmed and another, deeper level of communication is enabled: our heart-to-heart oneness. In silence our hearts more readily open, to both give and receive their mutual love, joy, light and wisdom. Through such inner sharing we learn and grow in ways we cannot manage or imagine on our own. Our hearts feel and respond to the goodwill, beauty and aspiration of other hearts around us, even of those sitting behind us, while at the same time our own inner depths are nourishing other hearts, even of people we may have no outer connection with, in ways our minds simply cannot fathom.

We each embody a vast, luminous and supremely powerful consciousness, the greater part of which we are completely unaware, which can only be accessed little by little once our minds have been silenced. When we meditate we invoke this inner being, our soul. While inclining our will toward our souls in silent yearning, the presence of others around us doing the same thing, becomes like so many mirrors reflecting the light and intensity of our inner sun, so many gongs resonating with the ineffable beauty of our inner music, so many blossoms emanating our exquisite inner fragrance, so many waves surging with the power of our inner seas, so many birds soaring on freedom-wings across our inner sky.