As one candle can ignite many, so the presence of just one person meditating well, may inspire others to a wonderful meditation.

Some days we are up and some we are down. Sometimes we are the candle lighting many, other times we are in need of igniting. For both roles, the only essential need is our presence.

Group meditation is especially important for those on a spiritual Path or in a spiritual community. Each spiritual Path has its own requirements and disciplines, which invariably present challenges while living in a world where spirituality and spiritual practice are not much valued – especially for the beginner.

Group meditation is an opportunity for the beginner to learn and be inspired by the more experienced practitioners, both through the inner experience of sitting together in meditation and the outer exchange of advice and encouragement; and for the older ones to be uplifted by the enthusiasm and eagerness of the beginner.

In spiritual communities, as in every group of humans, there inevitably arise differences and conflict between individual members. In meditation we strive to touch our deepest, truest reality, our soul. Here there is no conflict, no confusion, no misunderstanding. Group meditation is simply the most effective means to transcend differences. Conflict and misunderstanding have no access to the soul’s realm. By diving into the profound peace we each have within, in silence all conflict and misunderstanding can happily be resolved.

Mental and emotional interaction cannot establish true and reliable friendship, for our minds and emotions are in constant flux and are hence inherently unreliable. Only our souls are unchangeable and therefore utterly dependable. Yearning for the pure realm of the soul, group meditation forges the deepest, most authentic and lasting bonds between members who meditate together with utmost sincerity and intensity.