“Patience, patience, patience!
Is the ultimate victory.”
– Sri Chinmoy


Ambrosial blossoms.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Spiritual progress is a natural process. It has its own time, like a fruit ripening, the seasons turning or even a glacier creeping. Nature can act in an instant as a lightning strike, or can proceed slowly as a continent drifting across the planet’s face. Each has its inexorable rhythm – and so does our spiritual progress. Just as we cannot force our physical or emotional growth, so we cannot force our spiritual growth.

Like thoughts and desires, impatience is a function of our mind. Transforming impatience into patience goes hand in hand with transforming the mind’s attachment to thoughts and desires and its need to define and control.

Impatience robs us of the beauty of now.

Patience is our goal in disguise. The more we develop patience, the closer our goal approaches. Surrender of our own timeline immediately hastens our progress, whereas impatience always slows us down or grinds us to a halt.

Patience does not imply lethargy or apathy – far from it! We still must yearn with eager intensity for our fastest progress at every moment.

Patience is our realisation that there is a higher Will guiding us – the perfection-vision of our soul – which embodies our ultimate fulfilment.

We may imagine patience as an enforced necessity to be endured, yet true patience is an exquisite enjoyment of each moment of the process and the journey. Patience loves the game and not just the result. Patience sees and adores the beauty and perfection not only of the fully blossomed rose, but also the gradual, magical unfoldment of each petal.

Don’t just seek patience – treasure patience as your most prized possession.

Patience is wisdom-light.

Patience is happiness-beauty.

Patience is perfect, and yields our perfection.