“Why do people go through dry periods? Because they lose their devotion. Devotion is like a magnet. If the devotion-magnet is not working, then the spiritual life is all dryness. But if one maintains devotion to the Supreme or to his Guru, then one will never, never go through a dry period. It is devotion that connects both love and surrender. Devotion is the golden link. If one has devotion, constant devotion, sleepless and breathless devotion, then one will never lose the sweetness in life.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Devotion is personal, intensely personal – never abstract.

When the goal of our meditation is abstract or vague, it is very easy to lose sight of. Dry spells ensue. But when the goal is personal, and when that personal conception is always with us, in us and around us – be it a personal conception of our own soul, of God, the Supreme, our Guru or another higher Being – then devotion wells forth to enliven, sweeten and elevate our meditation. Dry spells no more.

Devotion fuels our aspiration with purpose and meaning, with deep and unfailing impulse and conviction.

Devotion inspires us to act for Someone else – our beloved higher Being – not for ourselves. When we act for another, we are impelled by our heart, not our mind. We spontaneously do the right thing, in the right way, with ease. Instead of trying to push ourselves, we are drawn into meditation naturally, spontaneously, eagerly and gratefully.

Devotion keeps us focused on the big picture – it is not about “me”. Devotion tells us “I am not the doer” – indeed there is no “I” to do.

A devotee does not meditate. Loving the Beloved, a devotee enjoys and becomes the beauty, intimacy, wonder, power, sweetness and fullness of meditation.

Cry for devotion, always.