“The soundless sound-heart
The thoughtless music-soul
Are the two God-Ways
To bring Peace into the world.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Peace is the most urgent, desperate need in the world – peace between nations; between religions, cultures and ideologies; peace within society; within classrooms, workplaces and organisations; peace in the family; above all peace within ourselves, between the various needs and demands of our own body, vital, mind, heart and soul. Only in the all-nourishing embrace of peace can we find true freedom, happiness and the blossoming of our capacities. Only in peace can we fully discover and become who we truly are.

Though sadly and deplorably lacking in our outer world, peace is a teeming, all-pervading reality in our inner, spiritual realm.

Ecuador is blessed with an abundance of bananas, while Canada grows none. Supply and demand: Ecuador can readily supply bananas provided Canada has a demand for them and can pay the price, and there is a reliable means of delivery.

The inner realm is more than ready to export an unending supply of peace to our outer world – provided the same conditions are met. Our outer world is certainly hungry for peace; we have only to pay the price and establish the means of delivery.

The price for peace is intense, sincere inner yearning or aspiration. For its supply there are two robust and reliable means of shipping and delivery, two wide open portals, perfect messenger-ambassadors from the inner realm to the outer: music and meditation.

Only music and meditation have the miraculous power to charm the mind, disarm the ego, dissolve division and bypass all obstructions to unlock and release our hidden peace-treasure and spread its fragrance and radiance throughout the world.

Music and meditation are God’s true angels of peace.