Spiritual teaching is the highest, deepest, most direct communication of the truth, light and bliss of our inner existence; a mutual journey between Guru and disciple of discovery, revelation, transformation and becoming.
The role of a spiritual Teacher is to expedite the self-discovery of the seeker by a progressive awakening of a deeper, vaster consciousness within; the role of the seeker is a wholehearted, receptive and eager engagement.

For a spiritual Master, music offers a vast realm of opportunity for spiritual teaching. Where lectures, discourses, questions and answers must navigate the perilous pathways of doubt, fear, prejudice and misunderstanding in the seeker’s mind, music has an access card directly to the listener’s heart and soul, carrying with it inspiration, aspiration and ever-unfolding realisation.

To meditate to spiritual music is a limitless journey within. When music is performed by a spiritual being of the highest order, a realised soul, there is no end to how deep and how high it can carry us. The same piece of music which may take us to one level today, may usher us to a much higher level tomorrow if we are in a more receptive and aspiring consciousness.

The seeker-listener’s role and responsibility is receptivity – all else is the mutual communion of music with our hearts and souls. Receptivity itself is an art, the art of yearning to progressively empty our minds, subdue all thoughts and efface all desires to enter into the clear, pure, silent sounding chamber of our hearts, wherein music sings, dances and fulfils its illumining, elevating and transforming role.

Just as light illumines a dark room, so spiritual music – through resonance – reveals realm after realm of hidden perfection within.

Spiritual music is the kiss to awaken the sleeping beauty of our soul.