“Let us not try to understand music with our mind. Let us not even try to feel it with our heart. Let us simply and spontaneously allow the music-bird to fly in our heart-sky.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy’s “Flute Music Meditation” was recorded in a small private studio in Zurich and originally released by his Swiss disciples with the name “Flute Music For Meditation.” When he saw the label, Sri Chinmoy suggested instead “Flute Music Meditation”. This simple amendment is supremely significant: the music is not simply for meditation; the music is meditation.

Music is imbued with consciousness. In spiritual music, the consciousness of both performer and listener are of utmost importance. Music composed and performed from a state of deep meditation will be saturated with a meditative consciousness the way fragrance pervades a rose garden in full bloom. The more open and aspiring the listener, the more of that consciousness can be received and assimilated.

Meditation is the truth and light of pure being: clear, simple, unadorned.

Harmony is doing; melody is being. Harmony is substance; melody is essence. Harmony is life; melody is soul. Hence simple, unadorned melody is the purest, most effective music as meditation.

Sri Chinmoy’s “Flute Music Meditation” comprises simple melodies played in a powerful, blissful meditative consciousness – an open, inviting portal into sure and pure meditation.

Listen to Sri Chinmoy’s “Flute Music Meditation”:

Exercise: to meditate to Sri Chinmoy’s “Flute Music Meditation”, close your eyes, slow your breathing and allow the music to engulf you from within. Let the tones wash away all thoughts, emotions, distractions and phenomena of the outside world. Surrender all will to the whim of the melody. Be the universal flute, resonating with the truth of peace, love, light and freedom. Become the music-source: beginningless, endless, playful, blissful.