“There is only
One perfect road
That road is ahead of you,
Always ahead of you.”

– Sri Chinmoy

In the outer world, at a certain point knowledge of a subject might be considered complete. Not so in the infinite spiritual realms, for here where all is ever growing and transcending, nothing can ever be complete.

In our spiritual journey, whatever we have experienced, learned and become is always nothing in comparison to what we have yet to experience, learn and become.

Not matter how far we have travelled, we are always at the starting point of the only journey that matters: that which lies and unfolds ahead of us. The past is valuable, for it has brought us to this starting point. Yet we cannot allow ourselves to be bound, limited or defined by the past, no matter how deplorable or how glorious that past is painted: it is now, the decisions we take and direction we face at this moment from wherever we are, which will determine and cast the arc of our future.

Imagine always you are a beginner, an eternal beginner. A beginner is open, humble and receptive. The moment we feel we know everything or we have done it or seen it all before, our hearts along with our minds contract and close. When our heart-door closes, our consciousness dims, our meditation tires and slowly expires of asphyxiation.

Pride and arrogance are the folly and stench of a closed mind and deadened heart. Rather than expanding, they diminish us and sabotage our potential. Whoever we think we are, can never be who we truly are, for thinking itself cannot grasp our inner being.

Our true being, true happiness and fulfilment lie always ahead, along the road reserved exclusively for the eternal beginner.

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