Meditation redefines our very being.

There are many reasons for starting to meditate – seeking to reduce the stress in our lives, sharpen our concentration, improve our physical and mental health – yet all who continue with meditation, soon find that it beckons us far, far beyond anywhere we could possibly have hoped or imagined.

By showing the way beyond our reasoning, thinking and doubting mind, meditation not only releases us from all of the weakness, strictures and limitations of the mind, it guides us into the realm of the loving, beautiful, compassionate, wise, and expansive heart.

Meditation leads us from the finite into the infinite. This journey is not merely a process of incremental growth and integral improvement, though it starts as just that: it effectuates a quantum evolutionary leap in consciousness and a radical reorientation of our identity.

Our infinite heart subsumes, transforms and illumines all of our mind’s limitations, weaknesses, misconceptions, doubts, fears, anxieties, desires and attachments. For most of us, these form the most part of our assumed identity: free of them we are tethered balloons released to fly in the vast, vast sky.

Our transcendent and ever-transcending heart reveals itself as both the way and the goal of our journey – and of the game of life itself.

As a beautiful, fragrant flower blossoms from an unassuming bud, meditation reveals our very purpose, our supreme vocation – to explore and ultimately to become our infinite within, our highest and deepest self. No longer do we identify as doctor, student or nurse: we are a seeker, playmate and lover – of Truth and of God.

Our identity, our sense of self, blossoms from the finite into the infinite, the temporal into the eternal, the personal into the universal.

Meditate. You will see, and become.