To enter into a silent mind, we must summon all our hearts’ eagerness, intensity, determination and unwavering faith in our soul’s almighty power.

Always focus on the goal: no matter how alluring a thought or emotion may appear, know that it is directly blocking our entry into a realm far more beautiful, peaceful, loving, enriching and fulfilling, so avoid thoughts as you would landmines or deadly snakes.

Imagine you are at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship Final. You are utterly absorbed in an epic game, a cliff-hanger. You can’t take your eyes off the thrilling action. At a crucial moment, someone stands up in front of you, completely blocking your view …

That person is a thought in your meditation, any thought. While watching the game, the game is the only thing that matters; you cannot tolerate any interruption: similarly in meditation, meditation itself has to occupy your entire field of consciousness; you cannot allow any distraction, or you will miss the best part.

Always we must feel momentum in our meditation; the moment we rest or stagnate, we fall easy prey to marauding thoughts.

Imagine you are a speeding arrow, hurtling through clear air. Your aim is infinite space. Your focus is absolute, your speed faster than any thought, which simply cannot approach you. Your only awareness is of the vast infinite ahead and all around you: silent, pure, all-light, ever-expanding, intimate and nourishing. Take any and all thoughts as your enemy: they are bullets aimed to shoot you down, traps to ensnare you, thieves to rob you, viruses to corrupt you, hostile agents plotting to kidnap you – you must evade them at all cost. No compromise: if you let one in, you let them all in, and your meditation is finished.

No compromise!