Our spiritual heart is a vast, beautiful, wonderful, delightful, sun-flooded garden we can never tire of exploring and enjoying. In the heart-garden all are welcome and all find perfect happiness.

In comparison, our mind is a small, narrow, cramped, cluttered, closed, dim dungeon.

Do you have a few minutes now to step outside the mind-room and into your heart-garden?…

Sitting straight and serene, close your eyes and follow your breath inward. Untie the ropes tethering you to the outer world, its fixed forms and phenomena, fancies and fears floating afar into thin air… focus all your being into a single simple, still, safe silence.

You are a beautiful child eager to play …

Your heart-garden is an endless series of gardens, each uniquely beautiful, remarkable, adorable and endlessly charming, of all delicate shapes, captivating curves, astonishing colours and ravishing fragrances.

Each plant in each garden is a marvellous world; each flower a galaxy of wonders; each petal a universe of perfection, a cosmic poem whose each word, syllable and inflection is a miracle complete. The smallest stick is a joyful toy to play with for endless enchanting hours.

Exploring each garden is its own exhilarating game; the more you play the better it becomes, the more you are energised, inspired and eager to continue. You laugh, chortle, whistle, sing and skip twinkle-toed all at once, a dancing fountain your tears of joy.

In your heart-garden you never grow tired; everywhere you look, everything you hear, touch, smell, taste and feel is new, surprising, thrilling, amazing. Everything and everyone knows you, loves you and treasures you. In your heart-garden you are both Darling and Emperor.

Your heart-garden is forever beautiful, perfect and ready just for you. The cost of admission is one pure thought, one kind gesture, one sweet smile…