The goal of our outer quest is to have; the fulfilment of our inner search is to be.

What we have is material, which is immaterial; what we are is spiritual, which is real.

Peace is born in what we are, not what we have.

Love flows from what we are, not what we have.

Happiness radiates from what we are, not what we have.

Fulfilment blossoms in what we are, not what we have.

When we are in the finite consciousness of our body, vital and mind, our focus is on what we have, what we do not have and what we would like to have.

Even our identity and personal worth is derived from what we have: our physical appearance; our possessions; our profession; our income; our intelligence and qualifications; our family, friends and relationships; our social standing; our emotional state; our desires, both fulfilled and unfulfilled; our ideas, concepts, prejudices and beliefs; our allegiances; our land, language, race, religion and nationality; our outer achievements and experiences, successes and failures.

When we are in our infinite consciousness – in our spiritual heart and soul – our focus is on our being and becoming.

Our material self has; our spiritual self is.

We desire to have; we aspire to be.

We have the finite; we are infinite.

We have time; we are eternal.

We have life and death; we are immortal.

Having ends in loss; being never ends, ever transcends.

We think having is being; we know being is having.

Having smothers being; being liberates having.

Having is illusory; being is reality.

Having takes and impoverishes; being gives and enriches.

Having dances with not having; being transcends with becoming.

Having leads nowhere; being is already everywhere.

We go outside to have; we come inside – we meditate – to be.