Choose a quiet, uncluttered place. Sit so that the spine is straight, yet relaxed. Close your eyes and focus all attention on your breath.

Imagine the outside world has dissolved. Nothing exists beyond your controlled breathing.

Now imagine that you do not have a body or a physical form; you do not have a mind or any thoughts or desires – you are only your spiritual heart. Your heart is all love, joy, sweetness and light.

Now imagine it is not your lungs that are breathing, but your entire spiritual heart. You are not breathing in air from the physical atmosphere; you are breathing in peace, love, light and joy from the spiritual realm within and all around you. With every breath you become calmer, lighter, purer, sweeter, vaster and stronger.

Just as our physical breath brings oxygen, essential energy and nourishment into our physical body and removes carbon dioxide and metabolic waste; so our heart’s breath brings a flow of inner energy, nourishment, peace and enlightenment to bathe our consciousness and releases stress, attachments, desires, limitations and the ignorance of ego.

Just as our physical breath connects us with every other physical being on this earth – people, animals and plants – as we all breathe the same atmosphere; so our heart’s breath connects us directly with the infinite inner realms of God. Our heart’s breath has a free access to the spiritual wealth of boundless enthusiasm, limitless light, absolute freedom and unhorizoned delight.

We do not have to sit and meditate to be conscious of our heart’s breath. With every breath of our lungs we can be aware of the deeper breath of our heart – while walking, playing, studying, sitting at our desk.

Through our heart’s breath, every moment is an opportunity for spiritual growth, for meditation-in-action.