Folded hands are the symbol and expression of devotion.

Devotion is the fast lane of spiritual progress. Devotion and meditation help each other like two arms, left and right. Devotion deepens, sweetens, purifies, clarifies and intensifies our meditation practise. Meditation reveals, strengthens, liberates, protects and perfects our devotion. It is impossible truly to experience one without the other. As one grows and develops, so must its twin.

Devotion is love in action. Devotion is not content to accept oneness as a state of being: it must taste, explore, express and celebrate oneness as fully lived, manifested reality. This oneness is with our own higher self, with the Divine within and all around us.

Love adores and yearns to approach the Divine. Devotion storms the heart of the Divine. Where love may flow as a stream, devotion surges as a torrent. If love is a wave, devotion is a tsunami. If love is honey, devotion is ambrosia.

Devotion reverberates with overwhelming sweetness and inexplicable bliss.

To meditate well, devotion is indispensable. Devotion compels us to meditate, for devotion knows that meditation is the doorway to its goal.

To gain true devotion, meditation is indispensible. As meditation draws aside the curtain of the mind’s illusion, the force of devotion from within becomes irresistible just as the gravitational pull of a large planet increases as we approach and the brilliance of the sun brightens as we come nearer.

Folded hands act as a magnet to attract devotion. Our folded hands draw devotion into our hearts, and from within our hearts.  Our folded hands not only recognise the presence of a higher power, light, love and bliss within us, they impel us to enter into, embrace and become that very power, light, love and bliss as our reality-self.