Our energy meridians end in our fingertips; our hands form the left and right “poles” of our bodies’ energy fields. These fields are sometimes expressed as representing left brain/right brain, male/female, ida/pingala or sun/moon energies. When we bring these poles together there is a tremendous focusing of energy, consciousness and will – so the place where they meet is most significant.

Central and equidistant between these two poles is our spiritual heart, our centre of peace, love, light and joy, the seat of our soul and goal of meditation.  Our spiritual heart is the great harmoniser of our being, solver of problems, remover of suffering, father of wisdom and mother of bliss. It is here into the heart that we eagerly yearn to dive in our meditation. When we fold our hands – our thumbs gently resting in front of and lightly touching our heart – we are focusing our energy, consciousness and will right where we are aspiring to be and become. It is like facing the direction we want to travel, or looking at the target we are aiming at.

My fingers indicate the direction of my energy and will. When my fingers are pointing directly upwards, there is a strong feeling of a rising flame, aspiring only for the highest. Often we can intensify our aspiration simply by ensuring our fingers are pointing upwards and not forwards or to the side.

Of course folding our hands in front of our hearts with fingers pointing upwards will not guarantee a good meditation; yet every little thing helps. We meditate to deepen our inner awareness and to bring this awareness into our outer lives: folding our hands is more than a pose, it is a powerful bridge to align our inner and outer aspiration.