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When we point to ourselves, we point to our hearts – not our heads. We’re not consciously pointing to the organ located in the centre of our chest which pumps blood through our bodies. So what ARE we pointing to? What sense of self resides in this vicinity?

Unlike many languages, English does not have a word for the deeper self beyond the physical, emotional and mental being: our centre of peace, love, light and joy; the intermediary with our soul which we sense and feel most strongly in or near our heart. Yet our language is clever. In the absence of a word, it has ascribed meaning through numerous phrases employing the name of the closest physical organ to this deeper self: the heart. Our language thus hints at the many qualities of our “spiritual heart”:

“Have a heart” – compassion, forgiveness
“The heart of town” – the centre, core
“Sweetheart” – love, affection
“Heart-to-heart talk” – depth, sincerity
“Fight with heart” – courage, bravery
“Cross my heart” – honesty, promise
“Wholehearted effort” – unreserved, giving it all
“Wear your heart on your sleeve” – openness, emotion
“Home is where the heart is” – security, belonging
“A heart of gold” – self-giving, sympathy with all
“Big-hearted” – kindness, generosity
“Hearty soup” – wholesome, nourishing, substantial
“We took heart from the win” – hope, inspiration
“To learn by heart” – certainty, identification
“Speak from the heart” – conviction, charisma
“Heartfelt sentiments” – empathy, oneness
“To your heart’s content” – satisfaction, fullness
“Follow your heart” – passion, spontaneity above reason
“From the bottom of my heart” – aspiration, yearning
“Pour your heart into it” – commitment, intensity
“In my heart of hearts” – intuition, faith

Combine all these qualities, for a sense of the immense significance and untold wealth which is our spiritual heart. We meditate to claim, become and manifest our spiritual heart and all its riches.

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