Sit somewhere quiet where you can be alone and undisturbed. Focus exclusively on your breathing. Slow your breath and make the flow of breath through your nostrils as calm and controlled as possible.

When your breath is calm and controlled, please imagine that what you are breathing in from the atmosphere is not air, but power.

As you exhale, breathe out all weakness, insecurity, lethargy and fear.

This power you are breathing is not aggressive or destructive: far from it! This is dynamic, positive power: the power of love, the power to build, to grow, to create, to progress. This power manifests through cosmic energy: the same cosmic energy by which the planets revolve around the sun; by which the flower blossoms; the same power that enables our hearts to pump, our eyes to see and our minds to perceive.

Every living being is sustained and nourished by this power, which – as our life force – flows in, through and around us at every moment.

You are charging your inner battery, plugged directly into the universal power grid. Let this power infuse and saturate your whole being.

Picture this comic energy coursing through your veins like a river of light, flowing freely from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet to the very tips of your fingers, both within and around you, surcharging your whole being with dynamic energy, capacity, inspiration and aspiration.

Feel that with this power within you, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish: there is no task too formidable, no dream too remote. Everything is possible. You are almighty, indomitable, unconquerable.

Now apply this cosmic power to your own meditation: feel it is not your effort, but the vast cosmos which is meditating, experiencing itself in and through you.