“Each time divine qualities come to the fore, we are bound to feel that we are remembering a forgotten story. This story was written by the seeker in us. This story was not written by somebody else. It is our own creation, but we have forgotten it, and it is meditation that brings it back. When we remember this story we are overjoyed that we have created such a beautiful story and that this is our life story.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Meditation is self-discovery. In meditation we enter into our own higher and highest realms of consciousness. Just as science is forever discovering “new” truths about the universe – truths which are not new at all, for they are eternal – so our meditation gradually uncovers and reveals our own hidden, greater reality. There is nothing and there can never be anything that we experience in meditation that is not already there within us, waiting to be loved, claimed and manifested.

In essence, meditation is remembering: remembering what we are and who we have always been. As we expand into our spiritual dimensions of heart and soul, we rise like a balloon aloft, no longer tethered by illusion to the finite, into the infinite, ever-transcending sky of our true self, re-discovering as we rise all that we had lost through attachment and immersion in our limited, desire-deluded ego-self.

In our highest meditation, we are at once witness and participant, spectator and player. We perceive our life’s mission and purpose, as envisioned and conceived by our soul – glorious, surprising and thrillingly fulfilling; and receive the preview and assurance of our soul’s full manifestation, the playing out of our age-long quest, the ultimate satisfaction of all our inmost longings: known, unknown and unknowable.

Meditate to remember all, but first –
remember to meditate!